[STBI 01 07 2021]Willingness to pay for deep sea ecosystem services protection: choice experiment and scope effects

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Topic: Willingness to pay for deep sea ecosystem services protection: choice experiment and scope effects
Presenter: Dr. Bui Bich Xuan, Nha Trang University & UiT – The Arctic University of Norway
Time: Jul 1, 2021 12:00 PM Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese and English
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This study uses a split-sample discrete choice experiment to investigate public preferences for ecosystem services associated with deep-sea ecosystem conservation in waters within and beyond national jurisdiction. The survey was carried out in Norway and Scotland. Overall, public in both countries were willing to pay for protective measures motivated by non-use values and blue economic growth regardless of it being in national or international waters, though their priorities were placed on the measures protecting non-use values. These findings underline the public preference for stewardship, conservation as well as the sustainable use of high-seas areas. A comparison of willingness-to-pay indicates that the Scottish public were willing to pay more for protecting deep-sea ecosystem services (ES) in international versus national water, while the Norwegian public were less willing to pay for all attribute-level improvements associated with international waters, regardless of which management attribute is considered. Results from the attribute scope tests present evidence of both sensitivity and insensitivity to the changes in attribute levels, the latter consisting of diminishing marginal utility. Findings for spatial scope effects (i.e. geographical scale and distance decay) varied depending on the populations and studying regions compared, however we could not disentangle the two effects due to the features of the survey design.

About the presenter:

Bui Bich Xuan is a teacher and a researcher at Economics Faculty, Nha Trang University. She received her Ph.D in Economics, focusing on Environmental and Resource Economics, from UiT – The Arctic University of Norway in 2017. Her research interests are Natural Resource Economics, Natural Resource Management, Invasive Species Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Production and Consumption. Her current research involves studies of managing the economic conflicts in marine resource use, sustainable aquaculture management, deep-sea ecosystem services valuation, economic impacts of marine litter in fisheries, managing invasive species that are both a value and a nuisance. She has published papers in several journals: Natural Resource Modelling, Ocean & Coastal Management, Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management, Aquaculture, Aquaculture Economics and Management, Frontiers in Marine Science, Environmental Economics and Policy, Conservation Biology, Environmental Planning and Management.

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