Phạm Khánh Nam

Phạm Khánh Nam

Quá trình đào tạo 

  • 1997: Cử nhân Kinh tế | Đại học Kinh tế TPHCM 
  • 1999: Thạc sĩ | Kinh tế Phát triển | Chương trình Cao học Việt Nam – Hà Lan (VNP) 
  • 2011: Tiến sĩ Kinh tế | Đại học Gothenburg. Đề tài: “Prosocial Behaviour, Social Interaction and Development: Experimental Evidence from Vietnam”  

Quá trình nghiên cứu khoa học 

  • Funding a new bridge in Vietnam: A field experiment on conditional cooperation and default contribution 

2015 | Oxford Economic Papers, Volume 67 (4): 987-1014. | Carlsson, F., Johansson-Stenman, O and P. Nam 

  • Farmers‟ risk preferences and their climate change adaptation strategies in the Yongqiao District, China 

2015 | Land Use Policy, Volume 47, 365-372 | Jin Jianjun, Gao Yiwei, Wang Xiaomin 

  • Social preferences are stable over long period of time. 

2014 | Journal of Public Economics. Vol. 117, 104 – 114 | Carlsson, F., Johansson-Stenman, O and P. K. Nam 

  • Conditional cooperation and disclosure in developing countries? 

2013 | The Journal of Economic Psychology. Vol. 34, 148–155 | Martinsson, P., Nam, P. and C. Villegas 

  • “Practices, Preferences and Attitudes for Rainwater Harvesting in Mekong Delta, Vietnam” 

2011 | Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. Vol 1, No 3 pp 171 – 177 | Özdemir, S., Elliott, M., Brown, J., Nam, P., Hien, V., and M. Sobsey 

  • Are Vietnamese Farmers Concerned with their Relative Position in Society 

2007 | Journal of Development Studies 43 (7) pp 1177 – 1188 | Carlsson, F., Nam, P., Martinsson, P. and M. Linde-Rahr 

  • Conservation versus Development: Valuation of Coral Reefs Questions Port Expansion Plan in Vietnam 

2016 | In “Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Valuations, Institutions and Policies in Southeast Asia”, ed. Olewiler, N., Francisco, H. and Ferrer, A. Springer. 

  • Economics of conservation for the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area in Vietnam 

2013 | In “Nature’s Wealth”, ed. Beukering, P. Brouwer, R., Bouma, J., and E. Papyrakis. Cambridge University Press. 

  • Guidelines for Conducting Cost Benefit Analysis of Biodiversity Conservation in Wetland National Parks 

2011 | Vietnam Environment Administration | Judicial Publishing House. Hanoi (In Vietnamese) 

  • Household Demand for Improved Water Services in Ho Chi Minh City: A Comparison of Contingent Valuation and Choice Modelling 3 Approaches 

2009 | In “The Economics of Environmental Management in Vietnam” ed. Hermi Francisco and Bui Dung The. IDRC – EEPSEA. Singapore. | Nam, P. and T. Son 

  • Environment and Development 

2008 | In „Textbook on Development Economics‟. ed. Nguyen Trong Hoai. Ho Chi Minh National University Press. (in Vietnamese). 

  • Cooperation under risk and ambiguity 

2016 | University of Gothenburg Working Papers in Economis, No 683 | Björk, L., Kocher, M., Martinsson, P. and P. Nam 

  • Socio-economic drivers of the childhood obesity problem: the case of primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City 

2016 | University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city Working Paper | Nam, P.K., Tue, L.M., Sepehri, A. and T.Van 

  • Business plan: Recovery of Lagi‟s inshore fishery 

2013 | ISU Working paper | Nam, P., Nghi, T., Son, T. 

  • Investment incentives for renewable energy in Vietnam 

2013 | IISD Working paper | Nam, P. 

  • Risk, Uncertainty, and Ambiguity Attitudes of students in South-East-Asian: Evidence from Cambodia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam 

2013 | EEPSEA Working Paper | Vieider, F. M., Martinsson, P., Nam, P., Chong, J., Chou, P., Mahasuweerachai, P., 

  • Risk Preferences and Development Revisited: A Field Experiment in Vietnam 

2013 | EEPSEA Working Paper | Vieider, F. M., Martinsson, P., Nam, P. 

  • Social capital and private adaptation to climate change: evidence from the Mekong river delta in Vietnam 

2011 | Working Paper. Department of Economics. University of Gothenburg 

  • Are forest dwellers willing to participate in a scheme of Payment for environmental Services: a choice experiment in the Coastal Forest of Tanzania 

2007 | Working paper. PREM Programme – Institute for Environmental Studies – Vrije University, the Netherlands | Hess, S., van Beukering, P.,Kayharara,G., Mchallo,I., Nyamwihura, G., Nam, P..and T. Thuy. 

  • Economic valuation of the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area 

2005 | PREM Working paper 05-13, Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands (available at | Nam, P. K., Son, T. and H. Cesar 

  • Financial sustainability of the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area 

2005 | PREM Working paper 05-14, Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands (available at | Nam, P. K., Son, T., Cesar H. and R. Pollnac 

  • Recreational value of the coral surrounding the Hon Mun islands in Vietnam: a Travel Cost and Contingent Valuation Study 

2004 | in Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, ChiewKieok Chong and Herman Cesar (eds). 2004. Economic Valuation and Policy Priorities for Sustainable Management of Coral Reefs. WorldFish Center Conference Proceedings 70, 222p | Nam, P. K. 

  • Introduction to Cost Benefit Analysis 

2002 | National University Press. Ho Chi Minh City. (in Vietnamese) | Son, T.V.H., Uyen, L. and P. Nam 

  • Socio-economic impacts of the My Thuan Bridge 

2002 | AusAid. Ho Chi Minh City | Son, T.V.H. 

  • Cộng đồng có thể đóng góp cho nền kinh tế xanh 

2012 | Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment, 19 June 2012 

  • Lợi nhuận vào túi chủ đầu tư 

2012 | Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, 08 February 2012 

  • Không ai muốn trả tiền làm sạch không khí 

2012 | Tien Phong Newspaper, 16 January 2012 

  • Sử dụng kinh tế học thí nghiệm trong việc giảng dạy các môn Kinh tế học ứng dụng 

2005 | Bài viết tham gia hội thảo về phương pháp giảng dạy tại ĐHKT TP. HCM, 8/2005 

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