Developing yourself and leveling up your career with UEH

University Of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is in The Top Universities in Vietnam. Most of our lecturers finish their PhD from Universities around the world, and they grow a global mindset.

Studying in School of Economics, students would able to get all supports from our experience staffs. For example, learning schedule can be arranged for prospective students to match with their calendars. Students would see that their questions occurred in gaining expertise are welcomed all the time by our lecturers.

Once again, by studying with school of Economics, prospective students will grow their mindsets, develop expert knowledge and level up their career.

Why should you choose UEH?


UEH get 1st ranking in subjects related to Economics, Management Science, Business and Commercial Law in Vietnam.


UEH belongs to Top 25 Performing Universities in Income from Continuous Professional Development


UEH belongs Top 100 Eduniversal Best Master Ranking in Vietnam

Our postgraduate programs for you to choose

✅ Master of Development Economics

✅ Master of Valuation & Asset Management

✅ Master of Managerial Economics

✅ Master of Environmental Economics and Management

✅ Master of Health Economics and Management

✅ Master of Applied Economics

What you should know


Please learn more about our requirements and send us your application


We provide scholarships to students with high performance in their study. Please apply for a scholarship whenever you find yourself matching with our requirements.

Learning Environment

We are proud of our infrastructure that will provide you the best learning experience while you are studying with UEH. Have a look at them in the below link.

Are you curious about our PhD Program?

Đội ngũ nhân sự với trình độ mang tầm quốc tế, các nguồn lực hỗ trợ tân tiến và phương pháp tiếp cận đa chiều là những thế mạnh vượt trội của chương trình Tiến sĩ tại UEH

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