🕒 3.5 year

🍀A flexible, career-oriented and hands-on Bachelor’s program in real estate.

👍Our values: Professionalism, Integrity, Cooperation, Diversity

1. Overview

Welcome to the Undergraduate Real Estate Program at University of Economics – Ho Chi Minh City.

Our highly interdisciplinary approach in real estate education is dedicated to exposing students to various aspects pertinent to the business and industry, ranging from economic thinking, finance, planning, law, design, construction, to marketing and management.

We have structured the curriculum following real estate education models that have been proven a success.

The program graduates can pursue their academic track or professional career paths in companies in real estate development, brokerage, consulting, and financing. They can also choose to work for government agencies and research institutes.

We offer you a program with clearly stated objectives, learning outcomes, and expected competencies and we will assess them continually by using rubrics adapted from the VALUE rubrics of the American Association of American Colleges & Universities. Those competencies will improve your performance in a global working environment.

To enable short-term student exchange following the Bologna declaration with other universities outside of Vietnam, we work with FIBAA, a European internationally oriented agency for quality assurance and quality development in higher education.

You will find multiple opportunities to interact with industry professionals and academics thanks to the network we are building with enCity Group (Singapore), PMC (Hà Nội), GM Holdings (Ho Chi Minh City), Việt Nam Real Estate Club (VREC), University of Maryland (US), Universität Regensburg (Germany), American Real Estate Society.

Nguyễn Lưu Bảo Đoan, Ph.D., MPA

Program Director and Chair,

Real Estate


We educate the program students to become practitioners and professionals in real estate, who have a good grasp of the economic and business knowledge, understand the relationship between urban development and sustainable development, and have social responsibility. You have the flexibility to choose a major in real estate finance or real estate development.

To complete the program, you will study 120 credits of which 36 account for economics, 24 for real estate, and 10 for graduate research or internship. You can also choose different elective courses to complete the elective component of your major, thus create your personal competitive advantages in job market.

To complete the graduate research or internship requirement, you can select a research topic under supervision of a faculty member or to participate in the regular internship program or the Job-shadowing program. The curriculum by semester can be found here


36 credicts
Major units

24 credicts
Minor units

10 credicts

The program combines different teaching methods and approaches, permanent and adjunct faculty coming from the industry. You can work on real projects, participate in discussions with professionals, and go on field trips to evaluate projects. We ensure 15-20% of the program is covered by the faculty with professional experience.

4. Program outcomes

In compliance with the Ministry of Education and Training’s mandates, the Real Estate program has constructed the expected learning outcomes of the program and individual courses. We consulted with real estate firms and adopted the competencies from a wider spectrum of competencies and skills used around the world.

We forge important skills and values and assess your ability to use them in different classes throughout the program based on the VALUE rubrics developed by the American Association of American Colleges & Universities.

For a complete list of expected learning outcomes, please click here (Vietnamese only)


5. Job prospect

We work with our alumni network, intership businesses, and a real estate student club (REC) to provide you with many opportunities to participate in career guidance, social activities, and student activities besides coursework. Those activities help improve skills important to businesses that you will need to demonstraste to your potential employer in their recruitment. The Real Estate Club (REC) is composed of students coming from different majors across the campus and those from other universities who would like to create significant impacts to our society

After graduation, you can apply to work in companies in the business of development, management, and consulting of real estate, banks, planning firms, government agencies, research institutes and in the academia.

You can start your career in positions such as real estate agent, market analyst, consultant, real estate appraiser, researcher or research assistant, and management specialist, project manager, property manager. More job opportunities will be open to those with more experience.

6. Continuing education

The students may consider completing another major or degree program while participating in the Bachelor’s program in Real Estate.

The students can pursue higher education in economics, planning, real estate, and management upon program completion. Notable ones include the Sustainable Urban Development program at Vietnam Germany University (VGU)


Tuition and scholarship information is available here.

8. Admission

Admission information is available here.

9. Admission procedure

Information about the admission procedure is available here.

10. Common questions

➕ Why UEH Bachelor’s Program in Real Estate?

This is a unique interdisciplinary program which stresses on flexibility, career development, and hands-on engagement. Students who share our values ​​of cooperation, integrity, diversity and career choice in real estate industry will find this program desirable.

Located in the UEH School of Economics at Ho Chi Minh City, the program inherits the school’s national reputation in economic thinking and benefit from the city’s exuberant financial and real estate activities. The students will find multiple internship and job opportunities.

The program does not guarantee, however, that all students will graduate and work in real estate for life. We believe that with your cooperation, the program provides the best career preparation related to the real estate industry and qualities needed by many other professions.

➕ What are the program highlights?

The program focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the industry so that the students can have the flexibility to create their unique competitive edges molded by their own strengths. We also help the students to embark on the complex relation between urban development and sustainable development, and develop their sense of responsibility for the problems faced by the humanity.

➕ Can I study a minor belonging to another discipline?

We advocate students forging their own advantages and career path in this flexible program that highlights professionalism and hands-on interaction with the industry. However, students must make the decision after considering their financial conditions.

➕ Can I have a minor in real estate?

We encourage students of other disciplines to have a minor or major in real estate. You should check the university policies before making the decision.

11. Contact

👩‍🏫 UEH School of Economics, UEH University

🏢Floor 10,279 Nguyen Tri Phuong Str, Ward 5, District 10 HCMC

📩 kkt@ueh.edu.vn

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