[STBI-15-12-2016] Social Network and Getting a Job: Case of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city

  • 11:00 am, Thursday, 15-12-2016
  • Hall H.001, UEH School of Economics – 1A Hoang Dieu Street. Phu Nhuan District. HCM city
  • Authors: Vo Thanh Tam & Nguyen Tran Minh Thanh, University of Economics, HCM city


In recent years, it would seem that social network becomes a new search method in the labor market. Getting a job through a social network is prevalent. Social network becomes the effective channel for providing information about job opportunities for job seekers. However, in Vietnam, there are few studies about the social network and the effects of it on getting a job, especially regarding young job seekers who have just graduated from the universities. Further, in the developing countries such as Viet Nam, there is the asymmetric information between job seekers and employers. This leads to the failures in recruiting and suffer heavy losses for organizations. They need channels to check about the information’s candidates when recruit. So, This study is investigated to obtain two objectives: (1) Measure the social network of individuals. This study will show the size of individuals’ social network; (2) Investigate the effects of social network on employment. This study elicits the relationship between social network and getting jobs. Is it difficult or easy for an individual with a wide social network to get a job?. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are used to analyze the results of this study. This study uses the primary data which is collected by interviewing from 800 – 1000 students’ UEH who graduated in 2014, 2015. The respondents are selected randomly from the list of the students, which is provided by Training and Student Services Office of UEH. The results are researching and analyzing in now. Maybe, these results help companies to increase the effectiveness of recruitment and help UEH’s students to get a job faster through social network.