[14-09-2015] An Empirical Study of UK Graduate Surveyors’ Decision Making

by Dr. Xu Ye

3:00 pm, Monday, 14-9-2015
Hall H.001, UEH School of Economics

Tóm tắt chủ đề | Abstract

Studies regarding rational decisions have been conducted over many years and one of the most common assumptions implicit within financial decision-making models is that investors are rational in their judgement and consequently are risk averse. This, in itself, has been questioned by many commentators but, in the context of property investment, researchers have identified that property professionals do not necessarily behave in the straightforward rational manner assumed by traditional finance models.

This current paper broadens this exploration to recent graduates from a range of property programmes to further determine whether university training specifically, would influence the respondents’ risk preferences. This talk is going to explore and investigate 1) whether the risk seeking behaviour is generic among all the UK graduates or it also exists among students in Vietnam. 2) if there is any particular preferences that can be traced from their decision-making.

Người trình bày | Presenter

Dr. Xu Ye is currently lecturer at Department of Real Estate and Construction, Oxford Brookes University, UK. Dr. Xu Ye’s research interests include property valuation, risk management, behavioral finance, decision making theory, and emerging property market research. Dr. Xu Ye has published some papers in academic journals in real estate such as Journal of European Real Estate Research.