Request for proposal – Audit services

The Economy and Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) kindly invites you to submit your proposal for provision of Annual Auditservices. Please kindly find the attachment for detailed request for proposal and forms. Proposal may be submitted ..

Welcome to the party AG 2017

Quốc Minh – Phương Thảo (AG 42) Sau nhiều ngày chuẩn bị, chương trình chào đón Bốn Mươi Sáu tân sinh viên khóa 43 với chủ đề “Welcome to the Party AG” đã diễn ra trong không khí vui vẻ và ấm cúng tại h..

Vietnam – Japan Exchange Project – VJEP 2017

The first day is always the hardest. I didn’t really know what to expect that day, except… arraging and allocating. I didn’t know whether we could blend in or have the chance to even try that. At first, the atmosphere was all… ceremonic and the pa..

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