[STBI-21-12-2017] Hedonic property valuation model: theory and application

Presenter: Nguyen Thi Hong Thu ( UEH university)

Email: hongthu_tdg@yahoo.com

Time: 11:00 am. Thursday, December, 21th, 2017

Hall: H001 ( 1A Hoang Dieu Street. Phu Nhuan District)


Previous research has established that the commonly applied the methods of property valuation can be broadly divided by two groups such as traditional and advanced methods(Xiao & Webster, 2017). These traditional methods in the field of property valuation include the sales comparison method, cost method, residual/development method, profits method, and investment method (capitalization/discounted cash flow – DCF method). Advanced methods focus on techniques, for instance, hedonic pricing model, spatial analysis methods, artificial neural networks (ANN), and case-based reasoning that mentioned in technology and machine/engineering. This topic will only reveal clearly hedonic property values models and applied valuation. From the many hedonic property valuation studies of the impacts of related determinants, this studies also suggests some topicsthat related to analyze the factors or attributes of housing affect of property value. Appraisal, household, developers and Policymakers could draw on this synthesis of site characteristics’ effects to property value.


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