[22-06-2016] Economic Aspects of Agricultural Management: Experiences from China

Professor Shi Xiaoping

10:00 am, Wednesday, 22-06-2016
Hall H.001, UEH School of Economics


Agricultural management plays an important role for the economy, especially the one with the agriculture-based economic development. Economic analysis is crucial for the public policy implications of agricultural management. Over last few decades, China has experienced the changes in its agricultural industry and agricultural economy as well. In this presentation, Professor Shi Xiaoping from Nanjing Agricultural University deliver a lecture on the economic aspects of agricultural management in China.


Shi Xiaoping holds a PhD in Development Economics and is professor at the College of Public Administration, Nanjing Agricultural University. He also works for the China Center for Land Policy Research of Nanjing Agricultural University as a research fellow. His research focuses on development economics, agricultural management, and resource and environmental economics. Professor Shi Xiaoping published several studies in professional journals such as Land Use Policy and some books on the fields he works within.

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