Dr. Thuy other new publications 2017

Dr. Truong Dang Thuy has just increased the quantity of his publications this year to the number 3. One of them is the “Southeast Asian Ricardian Studies: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam” on Climate Change Economics in which he is the co-author with several famous researchers. Despite several different definitions, climate and variables, the Ricardian model applied in this study does predict near term damage in Bangladesh in the CanESM climate scenario and near and far term damage in Thailand in the CMCC climate scenario.

Another is the research report sponsored by the EEPSEA Program studies the “Mangrove and Shrimp Farming Profitability in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam“. The results found that the optimal mangrove coverage for the profitability of shrimp farming is at approximately 60 percent. This does not only comply with weak enforcement policy but helps explain why households actually converted more than the allowable level of 40 percent.

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