[STBI-15-04-2016] The future of agriculture and food industry

Professor Henning Otte Hansen

Hall H.001, UEH School of Economics
10:00 am, Friday, 15-04-2016


  • The structure and development of food industry: European and global perspective
  • Challenges for the food industry
  • Food industry and food markets in the future
  • Farms in future – structural development in a global perspective


Henning Otte Hansen is Professor at Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen. Professor Hansen’s research studies focus on agribusiness economics, globalization and food markets. He has published many studies in academic journals and books within the fields he works such as Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, Information Bulletin “Fur Auctions”, Encyclopedia of dairy sciences, and other Danish publications. Hansen awarded his PhD in Agricultural Policy from KVL in 1986.

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